Electrical installation in hotel renovation is top to bottom

DENVER, CO — On March 9, 2007, Allstar Electrical Services finished a 100% remodel of the 12-story Cherry Creek Hotel into what is now known as the Courtyard by Marriott. The project is located at 1475 S Colorado Blvd. in Denver, Colorado. The first floor of the 128,327 square foot building consists of the reception area, indoor pool with whirlpool and exercise facilities, 6,000 square feet of meeting space with a business library, a cafe-style restaurant, and a lounge area. The next ten floors contain the 240 guest rooms of varying sizes. Each of which was completely renovated in the scope of construction. The top floor contains a prep kitchen, and a dining/banquet area with a nearly 360 degree view of the Denver metro area and Front Range of the Rockies.

The scope of work included the installation of a new 3000 amp service. This new switchboard was used to feed the new power demand of the project, a new distribution panel on the first floor, as well as the existing 3000 amp switchboard. The existing switchboard was converted to a distribution panel to maintain its existing loads, including all emergency circuits. All of the emergency circuits are backed up by an existing 250 kW generator. Two (2) new feed thru 600 amp panels were added to each guestroom floor to supply power to PTAC units that were added to each room. We routed our 3” feeder conduits to the new panels on the interior of the east side of the building. Pictures of the exterior of the building, contained herein, show the riser conduits and panels through the windows. Usually most of our electrical work is concealed but this made for a nice picture. The hotel remained open during the first several months of construction, as certain floors were used to house guests and others were being renovated, and portions of the lobby were in use while others were receiving the first stages of a facelift. The installation and integration of the new switchboard also occurred during this time when the hotel was operational. Allstar was able to minimize the power outage to the building to 9 hours as the new switchboard was connected to the utility transformer, and all existing building power was tied into the new switchboard.

Each of the ten floors of guest rooms was renovated throughout. Each guest room was outfitted with a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) unit to provide both heating and cooling capabilities for which Allstar had to route power from the new distribution panels. Each room also required general lighting and power retrofits to incorporate the requirements of Marriott. The corridors were gutted, and the lighting was completely renovated. Lighting in the corridors consists of a combination of downlights and wall sconces providing a distinguished, clean look.

The top floor was redesigned with a dome fiberglass ceiling with recessed can lights and rope lighting installed thru-out. The main function of this floor remains as is from its original design as a banquet/dining room that offers occupants glorious views of the city.

This project included the installation of a completely new, building wide fire alarm system by Allstar, in association with Meridian Fire and Security. The beginning of the project involved installing components of the new system while keeping the original system operational while the being was still being occupied.

The scope of work not only included work inside the existing shell of the former Cherry Creek Hotel. The existing parking lot layout was redesigned and involved the installation of all new parking lot and overall site lighting. The project also called for a way to provide contemporary signage on an older, existing building.

During the process of ordering feeder wire, we were notified by Crum Electric Supply that Southwire had a new product. The wire is called “SIMpull” and we were told a pulling lubricant was not needed because of the insulation on the wire. After hearing and reading more about this product, we figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to give such a product a try. We decided to give it a try and pulled 4-#500MCM conductors 90 feet through 3 - 90deg elbows. Once the head reached the switch gear in the sub-distribution panel, we disconnected the rope and actually pulled 6 feet extra without the tugger or soap. Per Southwire, this was the first time that this product had been used in the State of Colorado, and Southwire along with Crum Electric Supply was on hand to document the first pull via video and photographs.

Though there were several obstacles that delayed the completion of this project, many of which were unavoidable and unexpected. Due to contractual differences, the original general contractor was replaced by CY Construction Services as the construction manager of the project in the first stages of construction. Unforeseen asbestos abatement in the summer of 2006 forced the delay of some phases of the project. And of course, the blizzard this past December caused delays to work on the site, parking lots, and exterior of the building.

With everything that all trades were faced with on this project, it was the communication with all parties involved, from the subcontractors to the owners, The Stonebridge Companies, which allowed this project to be completed and to the standards customers expect from Marriott.

For information, contact Gary Stone at 303-399-7420 or visit Allstar Electrical Services on the web at www.allstarelectrical.com.

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